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WINE Magazine - WINE Magazine (German), Dec.05

Sterne aus 5:

Le Sommet ****½

Le Sommet war mit ****½ Sternen der hoechst bewertete Wein des Panels fuer Rote Cuvées (nicht Bordeauxstil).Waehrend des Jahres 2005 sind 395 suedafrikanische “Rote Cuvées (nicht Bordeauxstil) vom Weinmagazin SA verkostet und bewertet worden Nur ein Wein neben dem Le Sommet ist ebenfalls mit ****½ Sternen bewertet worden, keiner mit 5 Sternen.


WINE Magazine (English), Dec.05

Stars out of 5:

Le Sommet ****½

Le Sommet was the highest rated wine and the only one that scored 4 ½ stars for red blends. Out of 395 red blends assessed over the year 2005 by Wine Magazin SA, only Mont du Toit and one other wine achieved ****½ stars - there was no 5 star red blend (non Bordeauxstyle) during the whole year.

  • Mont du Toit is a producer of cult South African Mega Reds
    Daily Mail, London

  • This wonderfully flossy wine combines an impressive structure with rich, concentrated flavours
    The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, London

  • The Mont du Toit from South Africa is breathtaking, subtle and velvety
    Simon Hoggart, Wine Spectator, UK

  • Very complex but absolutely seamless, this is a beautiful wine and the one bottle I’d choose to exemplify the premise of this column. Sublime stuff.
    Michael Franz, Washington Post, USA

  • A quantum leap regarding wine needs to be mentioned. One of the most remarkable is Mont du Toit.
    Mario Scheuermann, The top wines of the world, Weincompass

  • And it paid off, with Mont du Toit wines achieving cult status in “Germany overnight..Or in Brillat-savarin speak, definitely better than sex...
    Neill Pendock, Sunday Times